About Denis


I am a customer centric technology leader with 15 years’ experience in multi-disciplined leadership roles in multinational and start-up environments, in people management, strategic, commercial and technical capacities. I have realized over $10 million in efficiencies/savings through workflow automation, software practice automation, global manufacturing test and IoT optimizations.

I enjoy finding ways to unleash simplicity, working on bigger causes, seek no glory and keep moving the needle.

I like to write articles and to speak at tech conferences. I’ve been lucky enough to get some patents along the way. Im a huge fan of and active in STEM and social technology for good.

Passionate about simplicity in writing great software. I actively collaborate globally on the future of software engineering. Calling it DevEx.

The Day Job

Learning and working with great people @ McKesson, a Fortune 5 company – as their Global Vice President of Developer Services and Technology Labs. I have teams delivering products to simplify and improve the developer experience at McKesson branded as “McKesson Labs” which is our developer community. These include UX Design, Developer Pipelines and Platforms and API Platforms. We also have an innovation platform/ which creates visibility on where the emerging technology like AI and blockchain are used across McKesson.


Luckily, I’ve always been close to and learned from C Suite. That has helped me hugely, and to compliment that I love getting hands on, and have learned as much from peers at all levels.

My last role was as the Lead Technologist for IoT with Johnson Controls Innovation Group based in Cork, Ireland. That role meant collaborating extensively between technical and sales teams to drive further commercialisation opportunity through technology (both our own and partners/startups) into our sales channels, specifically looking at the emerging Smart Building 2 IoT market. The projects include our existing technologies – Building Security, Retail, HVAC and Building Energy –  and emerging technologies such as Wearables, IoT, AR and Machine Learning.

Prior to Johnson Controls, I held a position of Principal Data Architect and Development Manager with EMC from 2010 to 2015, spending 2011 in Silicon Valley. I led a team focused at reducing and consuming nine test automation platforms from external manufacturers to one EMC cloud hosted platform. I also worked on a number of workflow automation software replacing tedious manual extract, search and report compilation that resulted in efficiency gain (written in Python). I also built a predictive analytics application in manufacturing and data science models for the customer vertical within the CTO office at EMC. I usually bring microservices and UX based design along with distributed storage and processing to groups, hopefully changing the development culture in the process.


I have a degree in Electronic Engineering (2H) from Cork Institute of Technology, a Masters in Microelectronic Chip Design (1H) from University College Cork and a Masters in Computer Science (1H) from Dublin City University. I have a certificate in UX Design.


I speak on the national and international circuit at numerous technology conferences. My leadership style is leadership through trust and delivery, and I take responsibility for my team, compassion and humility are also important as a leader in my opinion. I like to build a balanced culture, with the peoples personalities important inputs into that.

I was also a member of EMC’s global innovation council and as an ambassador with their office of the CTO, leading their customer insight software development. I was lucky to win won two global innovation awards in my time with EMC, in the areas of sustainability and e-services, and has a patent in intelligent power management on storage architecture. I began my career  worked with Alps automotive division from 2005-2010, in a variety of roles, including as the lead computer vision engineer, and the lead technologist on European research projects in the areas of in-vehicle distraction monitoring and smart home devices.

I also spent time consulting in the start-up world, such as a healthcare informatics consultant with ACE Health, leading the development for an application which helps healthcare service providers achieve better patient outcomes and cut costs through a regulator-approved predictive analytics platform in the Dutch and US markets. I also helped numerous startups on building their technology roadmap to align with defined target markets and customer bases.