Releasing Software Developer Superpowers

Article is aimed at anyone looking to gain the edge in their software development team creation or advancement in the digital age. Concepts can be applied outside of sw dev at some level. Open to discussion - views are my own. UX is not just for Customers User Experience is an ever growing component of … Continue reading Releasing Software Developer Superpowers

Man vs Machine: Why the competition?

With the continued evolution of industries such as Data Science and the Internet of Things, there is a mix of excitement and fear amongst the populous. Excitement for what they can do for our lives or businesses, but fear of what it will mean for humanity. The fears are normally sourced from the media or┬ásome … Continue reading Man vs Machine: Why the competition?

Ideate! Innovation strategy in your company

"Innovation is hard. The larger your business, the harder it gets." Is the above statement true? Maybe. More importantly, does it have to be true? No it doesn't. One of the most common mistakes in large companies in respect to innovation strategy is that when they see themselves as "big", they need a "big" innovation … Continue reading Ideate! Innovation strategy in your company