Just how “Data Intelligent” is your company?

Whilst terms like “Big Data”, “Data Analytics”, “Business Intelligence” and “Data Science” have seemingly being around for many years, not a lot of companies have really understood the boundaries between these, and the interrelationships between them to lead their efforts in data to genuine business impact. Business impact is the key end goal from any […]

IoT’s predicted impact on TV, Digital Media and Advertising in our homes

First, let’s look at some history. Up to the advancement of the internet, the TV was the smartest device in our homes, and took a lot of our “downtime” attention. Thus, the advertising strategy for media and TV companies was centralized around this. Once the computer took over, TV started to surrender some of its […]

The 2020 Digital Employee: 10 Characteristics

Whilst this blog is focused at the characteristics that millennials (and others) functioning in the technology sector will need to have in the coming years, it could be associated to other industries also. Some of these features are already in play, however they are not seen currently as a full set. Happy reading. 1: Collaborator Internal company […]