BioHacker @ Work Video

Ive been asked to post the video of one of my implants in action – the one in my right hand is a low frequency RFID implant, similar to a standard access card in the workplace.

  • It doesnt set off aiport security
  • Its completely safe to the body, bio organic
  • I have had it since May 2018 where it was implanted live on stage at the it@Cork Tech Summit by Dr Patrick Kramer
  • Its batteryless, so if anyone wanted to hack it, they would have to be on my hand, and I would notice. Its actually safer than leaving a access card lying around.

I made the decision to do this as I have always been fascinated by the evolution of technology, especially with how fast it has moved since I was a kid in the 80s. I remember then technology was something that was in the workplace (first computers). Later, we got computers in the home, but we still needed to put some effort in to “connect” to the internet.

As it evolved, it seemed like it was getting closer to us via wearables, so I wanted to get implants to feel what it would be like, both physically and psychologically. So far so good, I dont even feel them. Its great to hear and see peoples reactions, good and bad. Technology will start to enter the body in various ways, so I wanted to push the boundaries. This is the start of my journey.

I also have a high freq RFID & NFC implant in my left hand which unlocks my phone and stores my business card – this is very programmable and can be used to store medical data, and other data.

Video below, with some media about the event

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